5 Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Your Session

I’ve compiled a list of 5 tips for bringing your dog to your session. So, you’ve decided to bring your furry friend(s) to your engagement shoot or your wedding! How fun. I’m so glad that they get to be a part of your important day. If you know me, you know that I love animals of all kinds and that I have the best dog in the world, Willow. Learn more about me here.

1. Get to the location early.

Make sure you get to the session 10-15 minutes early to let your dog(s) sniff around and burn some energy before the shoot. See if they need to use the bathroom and let them get used to the new place.

2. Bring their favorite toy.

To get your dog to look towards the camera, I typically will be holding their favorite toy right above my camera. Sometimes they’ll even do that cute head-tilt thing we humans like so much.

3. Bring treats.

For being a good boy / good girl, of course.

4. Bring a matching bandana or outfit.

I mean….is there anything cuter than a dog in a bandana? Amazon has some amazing, inexpensive bandanas that you can get as way to tie in your outfits.

5. Bring wipes/towel.

You never know when your dog(s) will get muddy paws or roll in something stinky. Oh, dogs. Gotta love them!

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