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Bianca + Bao put it best when they said they wanted a mountain AND a desert wedding. They were originally planning on getting married in Alaska, but they were afraid many people would not be able to travel with the pandemic, so they decided to elope in Moab, Utah instead. They are still planning on having their Alaska wedding, but they wanted to go ahead and do the thing here in the lower 48. They hired me for the full day as they wanted a full day adventure elopement filled with hiking and spending time outdoors together with their two dogs. We started planning back in the fall of what hike to do and I was happy to give them recommendations 🙂 We met before sunrise as we hiked Fisher Towers. We accidentally took a few wrong turns (woops), but we all had a great time (I think the dogs especially hehehehe). They changed clothes as we did a brief photoshoot at the top before heading back down. We hiked back and then parted ways before meeting at Dead Horse Point State Park for their ceremony. Dead Horse Point is the best place for sunset in my opinion so they got married right before the sun set and we got some photos of them with that beautiful, glow coming down behind them. Contact me to see how I can help plan your Moab full day adventure elopement.

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I’ll meet you there. Happy to run, walk, or climb — all adventures are welcome here.

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