Spring Wedding at Wadley Farms

Nicole and Jaydon got married on the most beautiful spring day at the Payson Temple and celebrated their wedding at Wadley Farms that afternoon.

Part One: Payson Temple

Nicole and Jaydon got married in the morning at the Payson Temple in Payson, Utah. It ended up being one of the nicest days of the year. The weather was absolutely perfect, there was no wind, and the sun was shining. Their friends and family waited for them to exit the temple and we took some photos there before heading to Wadley Farms to celebrate the rest of their wedding day there.

For those of you who don’t know, LDS weddings are typically split up into two parts like this. The couple will get married in the temple in the morning or early afternoon and then they will have a reception at a venue.

Part Two: Wadley Farms

In my opinion, Wadley Farms in one of the Top 10 Best Wedding Venues in Utah. If your dream is to get married in a beautiful and romantic castle, here is your opportunity. I have loved exploring this beautiful venue. You can rent out either the castle, the barn, or the railroad building. All located on this gorgeous property, they would all make a great choice for your wedding day. Nicole and Jaydon chose to rent out the castle and since there we no other weddings that day, we got the whole property to ourselves. Like I mentioned earlier, it was the most gorgeous day so spending time on this property was amazing!

They decided to have a ring ceremony once we arrived to the venue. A ring ceremony is when the couple exchanges rings and vows, if they decide, so people who were not able to attend the ceremony in the LDS temple can witness this part of their day.

Wedding at Wadley Farms
Wadley Farms Wedding

After their ring ceremony, we explored the castle and took family photos as well as bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Wadley Farms Spring Wedding
Wadley Farms Wedding
Castle Wedding Utah

They had a couple of hours before the majority of their guests arrived for the reception so we spent lots of time taking photos. I loved working here and all of the finishings on the castle are absolutely gorgeous.

When they inquired with me, they told me that they wanted their reception to be a BIG P A R T Y and I think they succeeded 🙂

Wadley Farms Sparkler Exit

It ended up being such a beautiful day and I am so glad that I got to know Nicole and Jaydon 🙂

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