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Are you looking for a Park City couples photo session? You do not have to be engaged or married to get photos taken. Angela and Alex were visiting Park City from Texas for spring break and they wanted some cute couples photos in the snow. They wanted somewhere with a lot of snow and some pretty trees, so I recommended one of my favorite hiking areas in the Park City area! We met there and hiked up a small hill to get to this beautiful spot. I loved their outfits and felt super creative during my time with them 🙂

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What Should I Bring to My Park City Couples Photo Session?

I love when couples bring props or special items that are unique and true to them. Here are a few of my favorite ideas for what to bring:

Your dogs!

Retro sunglasses



Old cars/motorcycles


Favorite food (pizza, ice cream, etc.)



+ anything else you can think of!

They are both avid skiers so they brought along their skis as well for some photos, which I loved playing around with.

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They brought their skis with them to take a few photos with. Angela has only been skiing for a year now and she is already skiing double black diamonds. I was so impressed with her skills! Alex grew up skiing and said she’s already as good as he is! 🙂
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Look at how cute they are – I love the motion blur effect!
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I took these ones with a cool prism that I own. I love playing with it and movement.
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If you need more help planning out your engagement or couples session, check out this guide I made to help you prepare for your Park City couples photo session 🙂

Thinking about traveling to Park City? Here is the Visit Park City’s website! I am happy to answer any questions as well!

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