Bryce Canyon Engagement Photos

Are you making a trip to Bryce Canyon National Park and looking to get engagement photos taken? That’s exactly what Emily and Andoni chose to do when they traveled from Michigan to Utah for vacation! I instantly fell in love with this sweet couple and their giddiness, willingness to open up to me, and their laughter of my dad jokes and overall dorkiness 🙂

We met for sunrise at the park, which I knew would be absolutely unreal. What made it even better were the stormy clouds and rain showers that greeted us when we arrived. It was quite chilly for summertime in Bryce Canyon, which isn’t too surprising because it sits at around 8,000 feet of elevation making it the highest of all the national parks in Utah! One of my favorite things about taking engagement photos in Bryce Canyon is that unlike some of the other national parks, you can find tons of places for solitude and peace. We only saw about 10 other people the entire almost 2 hours that we explored the park! 🙂

The best way to get to Bryce Canyon from other states or internationally is by flying into either Salt Lake City or Las Vegas airport and then renting a car. Normally Las Vegas has more affordable options, however, Emily and Andoni let me know that it was cheaper from Detroit to Salt Lake. So I definitely recommend checking both to see which is a better deal! If you are wanting to visit all 5 of the parks in Utah (known as the Mighty 5), then you could fly into one airport and out the other or if you are just planning on hitting Zion and Bryce then I recommend flying into Las Vegas! Let me know if you need help planning your trip to Utah and I am happy to help! 🙂

If you’re wanting engagement photos in Bryce Canyon, Contact Me to get booked 🙂

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