How to Have a Helicopter Elopement in Alaska

If you’re wanting an adventurous wedding, you might be wondering how to have a helicopter elopement in Alaska. So I made this guide for you to plan your ultimate adventurous helicopter elopement in the amazing state of Alaska.

Why Have an Alaskan Helicopter Elopement?

Alaska is HUGE! If you really want to explore places off the beaten path, I recommend hiring a helicopter company to truly get to see Alaska. There are approximately 664 glaciers in AK and you can’t access most of them without a helicopter.

If you and your partner are wanting an extra element of adventure during your elopement, taking a helicopter will be an unforgettable experience.

How to Have an Alaskan Helicopter Elopement?

First you will need to choose what you’d like to do! Are you wanting to elope by a glacier or even on a glacier or somewhere else? What sort of experience do you want your wedding day to have? Once you have chosen those things, you will need to figure out where you want to be based out of. Alaska has 3 main cities to fly into for your helicopter elopement in Alaska – Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau.


Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska and has the most options for helicopter companies to hire. Here are some helicopter companies in the Anchorage area:

Sheep Mountain Lodge

Alaska Helicopter Tours

Alpine Air Alaska

Outbound Heli


Fairbanks is a part of the interior of Alaska so unlike the other two cities mentioned, it is not located by the ocean. It is also the most northern situated city from the other two 🙂 Fairbanks is also an incredible place to witness the northern lights in the winter months.

Maritime Helicopters

Alaska Land Exploration

Quicksilver Air


Juneau is the capital city of Alaska. You can only get to Juneau by boat or plane so a helicopter is a great way to explore the glaciers that surround the area.

Coastal Helicopters

Northstar Helicopters

A Photographer

Of course, you will need a photographer for your wedding day 😉 I can help you plan and choose what to do for your incredibly epic, adventurous helicopter elopement. Being on a helicopter is so exciting and I am here to help you navigate it all! Contact Me to start planning your dream elopement day in Alaska.

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