How to Elope at Kenai Fjords National Park

You might be wondering how to elope in Kenai Fjords National Park so I created this guide for you to help! And if you’re still needing an Alaska wedding photographer, let’s work together to create your most amazing day!

Where is Kenai Fjords?

Kenai Fjords is located in (and around) Seward, Alaska. Seward is located around 2.5 hours south of Anchorage. If you are coming from outside of Alaska, it would be best to fly into Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage. Seward is a cute, coastal town with a grocery store, restaurants, and plenty of accommodations especially in the summer months, which is the busy tourist season.

Elopement Locations

The hardest part about deciding to elope in Kenai Fjords National Park might be choosing where you want to get married! The park is HUGE and has glaciers, wildlife, the ocean, rivers, and waterfalls. It is the ultimate Alaskan location for your elopement.

Glacier Views

If you are dreaming of glacier views or even eloping ON a glacier, Kenai Fjords has lots of options for you! The park offers a ton of different glaciers, which can be accessed by hiking, boating, or a quick helicopter ride! Here are some amazing companies in Seward who are able to give you a lift to a glacier:

Ocean Exploring

If you’re a lover of the ocean, Kenai Fjords offers tons of amazing wildlife. I’ve seen humpback, fin, and killer whales along with seals and tons of different sea birds in the area and it’s truly remarkable. There are a couple of ways to experience the ocean on your elopement day. You could:

Rent Kayaks. But can you imagine how COOL it would be to go kayaking on your wedding day in your wedding attire? You can go with a group, which I highly recommend.

Off the Grid

There are some more off the grid type adventures to be had in Kenai Fjords! There are some dry cabins that you can rent that are only accessible by boat. There are also some more backcountry-type hikes that you can do, but just remember the bear spray!

What Your Adventurous Kenai Fjords Elopement Could Look Like:

2:00 pm – Meet at your cozy cabin in Seward for details photos (Think vow books, rings, dress(es) and/or suit(s), shoes, flowers, etc.)

2:30 pm – Getting ready photos (I normally just grab the last few minutes of getting ready…like putting on dress/suit/shoes)

3:00 pm – First look. A private first look between you and your partner at the cabin before the adventurous day ahead (of course these times will vary depending on the season and what the availability of the tour companies are)

3:15 pm – Leave to go to the harbor for your private boat charter

3:45 pm – Depart on the boat with your invited guests or just make it the two of you! There will be beautiful sights along the way and I can take lots of photos of you two on the boat and with the scenery. We might even see some whales and other wildlife along the way!

4:30 pm – Arrive at island for ceremony

4:45 pm – Ceremony

5:10 pm – Ceremony ends, family & friends photos

5:20 pm – Couples photos on island

6:00 pm – Picnic on island (charcuterie, champagne, wedding cake, whatever you’re thinking!)

6:30 pm – Leave island to head back to Seward

7:15 pm – Back to Seward & on to the next adventure: helicopter tour

7:45 pm – Helicopter tour to land on a glacier

8:00 pm – Photos on the glacier

8:45 pm – Leave glacier

9:10 pm – Photography coverage ends

11:00 pm – Sunset

Seward Alaska Elopement
Details Photos


To get married in Kenai Fjords, like many national parks, you will need a permit. The permit as of 2023 is $100 and must be submitted 2 weeks in advance.

You must also follow all of the Leave No Trace principles, which I will always uphold as well.

There are so many amazing opportunities and experiences to have here and I cannot think of a place that is more “Alaskan” than Kenai Fjords!

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