Temple of Sinawava Intimate Wedding

Breaking Tradition: Gillian and Ben’s Intimate Wedding at the Temple of Sinawava

Have you ever dreamed of a wedding that breaks away from tradition and embraces the beauty of nature in a place as stunning as Zion National Park? Let’s dive into the enchanting wedding of Gillian and Ben, where they redefined elegance (and braved the 25 mph winds) at the stunning Temple of Sinawava in Zion National Park. Get ready to be inspired for your own non-traditional wedding after seeing these stunning photos! Gillian and Ben’s story serves as a reminder that stepping outside of the norm can lead to extraordinary experiences (and photos!) 🙂

Gillian and Ben traveled from Texas for their wedding day in Zion National Park. The park being on their bucket list made perfect sense to be the backdrop for their intimate wedding! We met up in their beautiful airbnb in the town closest to the park, Springdale to capture some candid getting ready, details, and first look photos before hopping over to the park. We took the 40 minute shuttle to the ceremony site, The Temple of Sinawava, where they had their absolute closest friends and family there. It was a sweet and intimate ceremony filled with laughter and a few shivers because a cold front had come through the day before and brought the temperatures into the 40s. Luckily- everyone powered through and we ventured off to Canyon Overlook to do some bride and groom portraits before the sunset.

The Unconventional Venue: Temple of Sinawava

One of the key elements that made Gillian and Ben’s wedding at the Temple of Sinawava truly stand out was their choice of an unconventional venue in the heart of Zion National Park. The stunning natural beauty of the location served as the perfect backdrop for their special day, offering huge red cliffs, sandy beaches, and the Virgin River.

Zion National Park allows a few locations for your wedding ceremony, but Temple of Sinawava is my absolute favorite! It’s the very last stop on the park shuttle that everyone is required to take. In my opinion, it’s the perfect place to have an intimate wedding to show off the national park to your guests! To learn more about how to obtain a permit, click here.

Capturing Unforgettable Memories: Photography Tips for Your Zion National Park Wedding

For couples looking to capture unforgettable memories and showcase their unique personalities through photography on their Temple of Sinawava intimate wedding day, there are a few key tips to keep in mind. First, consider hiring a photographer who is experienced in outdoor and destination weddings (like me), as they will understand how to best utilize the natural surroundings and lighting of Zion to create stunning images. Additionally, don’t be afraid to incorporate candid shots alongside your posed photos, as these authentic moments can often capture the true essence of your special day. Finally, be sure to communicate with your photographer about any specific shots or locations within the park that are important to you, ensuring that every aspect of your wedding day is beautifully documented.

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