Cami’s Great Salt Lake State Park Bridals

Taking these beautiful Great Salt Lake State Park bridals is one of my favorite memories. It was so great to finally meet Cami after being in correspondence for about a year. She is one of the sweetest brides that I’ve ever met! She is so sweet, smart, well-centered, and beautiful. When Cami first reached out, she mentioned that she lost her dad to suicide just like how I did with my dad. It was an immediate bonding experience, one that I hate having, but it is in a strange way nice to connect. I do give a percentage of my income every year to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in my dad’s name.

Cami chose to do her bridals at the Great Salt Lake State Park because we took them in April and if you live or ever visited Utah in April, you know it’s a very temperamental month with the mud, snow melting, snowing, raining, hailing, etc. It can be very unpredictable and Cami knew that she did not want snow so I recommended the Great Salt Lake. I love coming here because it’s super close to Salt Lake City, not crowded, and has one of the prettiest sunsets in the whole state of Utah!

Cami is a dog-lover, just like me, so she asked if she could bring Archer to her bridals session. Of course, I said yes! He got to be in a few photos and was just so excited that his humans were getting married 😉 If you want to bring your dog with you for your photoshoot, I recommend reading this article that I wrote, 5 Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Your Session.

Great Salt Lake Bridals
Great Salt Lake Bridals

To enter, you will either need that state parks pass, which is $80.00 a year and allows you to enter any of the Utah state parks, or you will need to pay a one time $5.00 fee.

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