How to take Engagement Photos at Antelope Island

Taking engagement photos at Antelope Island State Park is one of the most underrated places in northern Utah, in my opinion. It’s one of my favorite places to take photos (like these of Jessica and Kaylan), explore, and go hiking.

Where is Antelope Island State Park?

Antelope Island is in Davis County near Syracuse (about an hour north of Salt Lake City). The park has amazing sunrises and sunsets with beautiful rocks, expansive mountains, the Great Salt Lake, and rolling grasses. The park also has bison, which are so cool to see when driving through the park!

How to take Engagement Photos at Antelope Island

The only permit needed when taking engagement photos at Antelope Island State Park is from your photographer. Otherwise, you will just need to pay for the day use fee, which is $15 or if you have the Utah state park pass, you can use that and you just need to pay $2 for the causeway fee. Your photographer can get a pass here. There are a few different options: a one-time pass, a half a year pass, or an annual pass.

When to take photos at Antelope Island

I recommend taking photos at Antelope Island between late September and early April. There is a brief period of time in the spring when the park has these awful, biting bugs called no-see-ums and I can testify that it is absolutely awful to be at the park when these critters are out hahaha. I made that mistake one time and I had red bites all over for days afterwards. I would also avoid the summer months here because it is miserably hot.

If you like the look of Antelope Island and you want to explore other options that are similar, check out these Great Salt Lake engagement photos.

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